Join our Wine Club today then sit back, relax and start enjoying the amazing array of organic, biodynamic and preservative free wines available in Australia and NZ; conveniently delivered to your door.

It only costs $94.50 per month for our most popular subscription*

As a Wine Club member you get access to exclusive offers plus we occasionally include a FREE bottle of wine or a gift with your delivery!

And we have a “Love it or we will refund you” guarantee.

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There are two Wine Club categories – Starter and Connoisseur

As a member of our Starter Wine Club you will receive:
– A quarterly delivery of wine
5% off any additional orders of any wine on our website

As a member of our Connoisseur Wine Club you will receive:
– A monthly delivery of wine
10% off any additional orders of any wine on our website

Wine Club deliveries typically include 50% red wines and 50% white wines though may occasionally include a sparkling wine or Rosé. You can inform us of any specific preferences regarding the mixed bottles (e.g. you would only like us to include red wines or you would only like us to include preservative free wines) and we will ensure that your specific preferences are catered for.

How much does it cost?
Refer to the table below for Starter and Connoisseur costs. Note we add delivery cost; though Wine Club deliveries are FREE** if you choose Connoisseur and 12 bottles. We automatically direct debit the total amount due from your PayPal account or nominated credit card when we ship your wine. Note you can also pay by bank transfer. The average price of wines in a Wine Club delivery is always at least $17.50.


Category Bottles Deliveries Cost
Starter 6 Quarterly $105.00 per quarter
Starter 12 Quarterly $199.50 per quarter SAVE 5%
Connoisseur 6 Monthly $94.50 per month SAVE 10%
Connoisseur 12 Monthly $189.00 per month SAVE 10% and get FREE delivery**

Note we can fully customize your Wine Club. Many of our Wine Club members receive a monthly delivery of 4 bottles!

When do deliveries occur?
Monthly deliveries occur in the first week of each month and quarterly deliveries occur in February, May, August and November.
There is no minimum number of deliveries, you can put deliveries on hold or you can opt in or out of our Wine Club at any time.

Sounds great. How do I join?
Please call us on 1300 659 330 to join or if you have any further queries regarding our Wine Club.

The Team @TOWCAU


*Our most popular subscription is Connoisseur and 6 bottles. $94.50 per month excludes delivery cost (if applicable).

^minimum 4 bottles per delivery

**FREE delivery is to most capital cities and major regional centres within Australia. $10.00 off delivery cost to all other locations within Australia.